To thrive in your world.....

                                                                                                Life can be like this flourishing garden
Life can be like this flourishing garden

You've heard about this trend in the past few years where you choose a word or a word chooses you,and you ride it all year long....well what came to me first was a feeling and concept of how I wanted to flow in my emerging business and throughout my life. Then it it hit me what that flow must be; to thrive!  


What does it mean to thrive?


 It means to grow and develop well, to prosper and flourish! I love the sound of flourishing and how it feels to say it as it's breathy release blows life into my world! Say it yourself, you'll see what I mean. The very idea of flourishing as an endless happy expression of prospering is a coveted desire and existence.  

But we can only flourish while in a state of peace. That peace must be present in our heart, mind and body.

Just as flowers do not blossom or flourish under times of duress and children do not respond to learning when they are suffering.....adults can not thrive when they are cut off from the flow of love coming to or from their heart.  They simply shut down emotionally as their life force is blocked.


We can only thrive; grow and develop well, while experiencing peace within our heart, mind and body.


To be in peace leads us to know we are whole. In peace there is an absence of conflict, insecurity, doubt, pain, and unmanaged stress. By taking an honest inventory of ourselves we can determine where we are disconnected from our wholeness and discover  where we have leaks. Take the journey of discovery and find that place within that accepts and allows all that you are, as you are. Be unconditional with your self love!


Thriving and flourishing is our birthright!  



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