For Authentic Leadership: Honor your feminine strengths!

Have you ever felt like an impostor?  Or underestimated your own value and contribution? 

How about being caught in a cycle of overwork and overwhelm? 


If any of these issues have undermined your way of life or career, I completely understand and have experienced them as well during my corporate career.  


After a great deal of personal work, I slowly began to unravel each one of these painful places and discovered that in part this was due to me denying myself of my own innate feminine qualities and energy. 


I want you to know there is another way of being and leading yourself ~ A personal leadership style that can transform the way you lead yourself personally and professionally!


As a woman, regardless of your age, you've been taught by our culture and possibly your first family to be a good girl, play nice and yet endeavor to be successful in your career!


Navigating this road to success in a very masculine work culture has not always been easy and has conditioned many of us to strive to do more than necessary, be commanding and competitive! Yet we never quite feel like we are enough or valued for our authentic feminine qualities or contributions. Part of the fall out of being routinely engaged in this masculine energy and work culture, is that we have lost connection to our own innate feminine self. When in truth............. 



We are exceptionally competent at executing tasks and managing multiple projects, when we are centered in our natural self, aka our feminine energy: we are compassionate, intuitive, collaborative, and natural connectors!  
But sadly this has not always been acknowledged and revered by society and our work culture.  

Fortunately, Women are awakening to this lost part of themselves and beginning to reclaim and own these natural traits.

This shift begins when we ourselves value and honor our feminine ways as
our strengths!

While also utilizing our masculine attributes and skills. When we create a practice of
incorporating both ways being we will feel whole and balanced. 
This will naturally become our new form of personal leadership!   

So how do we embrace this new paradigm of using both our feminine and masculine ways of being and acting? 

I know for most of us, we are more comfortable with our rational and action oriented skill set, because our emotional intuitive ways of being are less developed and utilized, especially in the workplace.  So let’s start there! They are both legitimate parts of ourselves and we just want to bring them into balance.

We begin by shifting our awareness into the body. When we use our awareness to connect, listen and feel what our body is communicating to us, we connect with our intuition....our inner guidance system.

You may want to inquire:


What does my heart want? What is my soul calling me to do? Do I feel anxiety or exhilaration in my belly?  

And most importantly, are you acting on those feelings and impulses when they occur? Like for example, saying NO to something when you feel that yuck feeling in your belly?


Pay attention because this is one form of intuitive communication. And when we feel into what’s taking place and honor it – only then can we authentically take care of our whole self and equally as important; learn how to do the right thing in the moment! This will serve us in our personal and professional life.


So begin to check in with yourself frequently to test what you are feeling; for example when your mind is telling you to go into overdrive mode at work, or when you’re thinking that you’re not good enough or when you’re experiencing the impostor syndrome and feeling like a fraud.


When these events happen............  



S t o p !


Hit your own pause button and take time to check in with yourself. What are you feeling in your belly? Is your breathing fast or shallow? Check into your heart and pose a question – is this really true? Feel into what's happening and respond according to what you need - Not what you think you should do!


Our body naturally knows what we need; practice listening and responding. I have learned and highly encourage you to listen to Your heart, because it is always right!


Learning to trust ourselves in this new way is a process for sure and I would love to support you!


I invite you to receive a complimentary Support Call with me to learn practices and techniques that will help you to deeply connect with your intuitive self for powerful authentic leadership! 




 Your commitment to honor your feminine strengths will be a game changer and catalyst for authentic leadership in your personal and professional life.



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