Why Pain is the CURE for pain & how Emotional Resilience Helps!


"We don't heal without hurting. For a while, the cure for the pain is the pain."  

Mary Pipher Women Rowing North


For Women rowing north...those of us who find ourselves just north of 50, I would like to remind you:


We don't become our wisest selves without effort!


"Our growth requires us to become skilled in perspective taking, in managing our emotions, in crafting positive narratives, and in forming intimate relationships." Mary Pipher


This is our life work if we choose to accept it!


We don't become whole until we have reclaimed our lost parts...the parts of our self we have forsaken along our path. We can't heal past wounds unless we learn how to be the loving parent to ourselves.


Because loss is inevitable, especially as we age...we need to cultivate emotional resilience. And by resilience, I don't mean we need to armor up and pretend everything is okay when it's not. Or just push through it and then live in victimhood.


Those disempowered ways of dealing with emotional energies don't work.


Avoiding our emotions is just not sustainable anyway! Years of pent up unprocessed emotions show up as pain in the body or even worse...illnesses. Denial of our emotions and inner challenges is what keeps us from experiencing our most authentic and truest self.


If we can practice feeling what comes up for us...when it comes up, and sit with it for a bit, we not only acknowledge our emotions, we give them a pathway to flow. There may be some painful feelings, memories or experiences...but to feel them is to release them and move on.


The Cure for the pain...is the pain!


By cultivating a patient, loving support system of maternal energy towards ourselves; we build the courage to expand our capacity for emotional healing.


This is what emotional resiliency looks like and creates the space for more wellbeing in our life.


When we can accept our emotions we actually honor the inner child. Forgiveness and compassion go a long way in the healing process. To be seen and understood is simply the most basic element that humans crave and need to heal.


This opens the door to reframe that old story...the unconscious narrative that has been playing in the background of our life - with the absence of judgement and blame, truth can be found and light the way for the new story.


You have the capacity to build happiness into your life right now!


When you build this muscle of emotional resilience, you can find the inner peace and authentic expression of your true self more readily...because you have the skill to be one with your emotions. And YES...it's a skill!


Feeling the full range of your emotions; the joyful and the difficult expands who you are and who you can become. You get to choose what you hold on to and cherish, and what you need to release in order to move 'through it'.


This puts you in the power seat of your life! It takes courage and emotional resiliency, but you have what it takes!


I know you didn't come this far in life - just to come this far - you deserve to become so much more and have every good thing you desire!


You can do this!


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