About Me


                          The Before Story


I experienced a major midlife transition several years ago. Despite a very successful career earning a 6 figure income that supported my family with a comfortable lifestyle, I was incredibly unfulfilled in my corporate career. I was changing on the inside, longing to Become more….more alive, more purposeful, more connected to myself, but how?



I didn’t know what I wanted or how to navigate such a complex undertaking and I felt trapped! I had become an income generating machine for my company and family. The downside for me was that I lost my center and sense of aliveness, even the connection to my heart. I was leading a very robotic life outside of my family, friends and hobbies that I pursued. I felt like I was just going through the motions. 


Does this sound familiar to you? And at the center of this I realized the truth...there is no amount of money in the world to soothe my unhappy soul! 






Melanie Fitzpatrick Life and Business Coach

     Transformation Guide for Women

The Odyssey


I decided since I had created this, I would hold the belief that I could change it and create a life with genuine fulfillment...feeling alive with joy and purpose. And thus began my odyssey for personal and spiritual discovery. On this quest, I took a deep dive into my psyche and soul and peeled back many layers of pain and false beliefs about who I was. This process of awakening to my true self took many months and I got very messy as I journeyed through the chrysalis phase. As a dedicated seeker exploring the unknown depths of my heart and soul, I burned a bit, transformed, went back for more until I finally found my way through.


This quote from Sera Beak, author of  Red Hot and Holy sums up my experience.


 “Our souls are continually calling us deeper. If we’re willing to shed our skin; layer after layer of our truth appears anew and demands action. Aligning our ordinary life with our evolutionary divinity, is a path of fire! You burn. You grow. You burn. You grow. Constantly.”


A Transformation


I finally approached the point of knowing I was ready to leave my corporate job. I had my plan in place and sent in my resignation December of 2013 and was gone by March of 2014! A 28 year career was behind me and I really never looked back. Fortunately, it was in that 4 year journey that I also studied with many Transformation Leaders and became certified in areas that interested me; like Life Coaching, Facilitating Workshops / Retreats and Professional Speaking.


But perhaps the most important, I became exceptionally skilled at navigating change; transforming and surmounting the mental obstacles and long held pain. I now teach my clients these skills so that they may have life long tools to overcome their obstacles.


When I think about my journey, I realize it's about the continuous practice of staying aligned with my center, that place within me that I have cultivated and honor as the point of my inner knowing and true self. My inner GPS! 


Purposeful Work


I began to emerge into a clear understanding and desire to hold various spaces and forums if you will; for Women to discover and live from their own personal truth. My passion has always been to encourage those that are stuck or desire change, to transform and awaken to their greater potential.


So I developed this platform Live in YOUR Truth and started my podcast Live in YOUR Truth Radio, where I interview women who share their stories of awakening and transformation,  coaching women one on one, teaching workshops and holding retreats and Women's Circles.


Supporting You


Are you a Woman who is seeking to move through a period of uncertainty and lack of clarity towards your next step in your life or business?  


Perhaps you want to connect to your desires and learn how to take effective action on a life that really fuels your sense of worth and aliveness?


I specialize working with Women who find themselves in a transition, or who have outgrown a career and are ready for the next chapter in their personal | spiritual | business development....but they need guidance and support to truly evolve into their greater potential and best self.  


If you're ready to be supported with expert guidance on how to navigate your way to becoming the something more you are longing for, move through your mental / emotional obstacles, receive clarity and a concrete plan to build a live you LOVE.....


Then take action now and let's chat! 



This free call will give you the opportunity to explore how we might work together one of my programs!

Melanie Fitzpatrick Life & Business Coach at Live in Your Truth

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