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When you work privately with a Coach you can create a partnership that will provide the awareness, support and structure to move you forward and to powerfully produce the breakthrough results that your heart & soul desire!

My Coaching Program
       Uplevel You!

My Story

When I was in my corporate career I enjoyed big success. came with a price. A painful price actually and I knew I wanted something more than the stress, striving and loss of self that I experienced over the years. It took some emotional courage and soul searching to identify that I needed to get help in figuring out this complex and cloudy place I was in. It was bigger than me.
So I got help. It took a coach's exceptional questions, wisdom and guidance to help me look within for my own answers, see my blind spots and trust my own inner wisdom.With my coach's expert guidance, belief and accountability support; I was able to cultivate a deep loving connection with myself, uncover my purposeful mission and navigate my own next chapter. For me, it was a reinvention of a personal and professional nature.
Without this specific support structure though, I would not have evolved and progressed through the process of becoming me, the highly intentional, mission inspired person I am today. In fact, I worry what would have become of me if I hadn't invested in myself and taken this giant leap of belief and action.
I get it now! My experience in being coached one on one has been highly instrumental in my ability to transform fear and move towards finding what I really wanted for my life and to actively create it.
To live into to your full potential,  you have to rise and actualize! 


Are you ready to rise, actualize and Uplevel You?


You might be if:

  • You are a Solo or Entrepreneur and are creating a business you feel passionate about, but you are stalled with the "how" and ready for strategic uplevel to gain clarity to deliver more resonant and impactful content and services for your ideal client!                                                                                                                                              Then you're ready for a creative, insightful mastermind partner who has the business acumen and can guide you to strategically elevate your business ideas and stretch you to a greater level of success.
  • You have outgrown a job that no longer resonates with you, and you've got a lot of energy! You are ready for meaningful work that excites you and have a greater impact!                                                                                           Perhaps you would you like to gain clarity on how your gifts, skills and purpose can create a mission centered business?
  • You  are awakening to something new within you and are unsure how to navigate this new inner space. How do you become the 'more' you long to grow into?    And wonder if someone could support and guide you through this liminal space? Yes, indeed!
  • You have a clear dream or mission, but have blocks or behavior patterns that are preventing you from realizing this inspired idea.                                            Could you use help in identifying and overcoming past conditioning to take action on your dream?                                                                                                         

 I am here to guide you! 

My gift or superpower is that I see people. I mean really see their beauty and talent and reflect it back to them. As a Transformation Coach, I also know how to expertly guide you through the gap of where you are stalled and manifesting what you desire. 


Let's be honest, it's rare that you find people who really get you and then are uniquely qualified to help you, isn't it? I feel confident in my abilities to guide you because of my own transformational life experiences, business acumen, extensive personal development training and certifications. 


If you would like to explore this with me, I invite you to schedule a complimentary discovery call. 
There are no strings attached. We will chat for 30 minutes to gain clarity on what you are longing to create and see if I am a fit for you to bring about the transformation you desire!
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I look forward to talking with you! 

What my clients are saying!

Private Coaching Programs


I attended Melanie’s Confidence Building Workshop series, and she helped me pinpoint some of the areas where I had to grow to be able to confidently identify with being an author. Melanie has great intuition for figuring out why you aren’t showing up, and together, we did some deep work that really helped me feel comfortable with talking to people about my books. Not only did she give me this invaluable insight, but she also offered me some fantastic tips for parts of my business development that I’ve been struggling with. I highly recommend working with Melanie! You’ll love her energy and how she helps bring out the real you to shine for the world to see!  Cory Smith Wamsley


"Melanie and I have been colleagues for years.  Last year I was struggling with my identity as a company, not able to connect and find any new clients and had a very outdated company image and message.   Melanie became my coach.  She told me she could take me through a process to help me "reconnect" with my true self, my true purpose and what I felt I was on this earth to do in my lifetime.


Through coaching sessions, self-reflection assignments and feedback I was able to begin to truly discover who I really am and what God put me on this earth to accomplish.  She showed me how to dream, visualize and document what I wanted my life to be and look like. 


The process evolved over months and during that time resources, visual images, clients and projects started to appear that were in alignment with what I was saying about myself and my company. Clarity and conviction resulted! Ten months later I am sitting here with more projects than I can handle but feeling that I have finally figured out who I am and what I am on this earth to do - with Melanie's guidance I figured out my soul's purpose, my brand and my vision. Thank you Melanie!"

Liz Parker Founder & CEO LT Consultants Inc.



"Working with Melanie this past year has been truly eye opening and life changing. The changes I have made in my thoughts and behavior have resulted in a more positive and understanding relationship with myself, my family, and the women I support through my business. The insights I have gained have helped me realize the major mental shifts that were needed to reach my life goals and dreams.


In addition, the workshop she led for my sales team was very valuable. I highly recommend working with Melanie for both personal and professional growth and development. "

A. Krueger Star Director, Trainer & Legacy Award Achiever

Silpada Jewelry Designs







"What an inspiring evening! Thanks Melanie, for giving me spirit, motivation and the "I CAN" do this initiative! You are a gem!"

MC Paolicci  Silpada Representative


"I really loved the training last night! I totally connected with Melanie Fitzpatrick when she was talking about how we "negative self talk" ourselves into stories that are false!"

L. Lorenz  Silpada Representative


"The Mind Map exercise was so very helpful. Thank you! "

K. Lane  Silpada Representative


Women's Circles 


"I recently had the pleasure of meeting and sitting in circle with Melanie. Attending her Goddess Archetype workshop at Stowell Farm in Waitsfield, Vermont; admittedly pushed me a little bit outside of my comfort zone. 

I love the idea of convening with other like-minded women but I also know that sitting in circle, sharing and being vulnerable does not always come naturally to me.

I am so grateful that I said YES and showed up. I dropped my hesitation at the door and instantly felt welcomed by Melanie's presence. Her knowledge about Goddess archetypes and her experience holding space in the circle was very inspiring to me. I am grateful for the time I spent with Melanie, and I look forward to sharing space with her in circle again."

Hera B.  Mindful Euphoria


"I was fortunate to attend the monthly Summer Women's Circles with Melanie Fitzpatrick. Melanie lead the circles beautifully and gently, taking us into our thoughts and feelings in a warm, friendly way.  She has the gift to weave a group of women who may not know each other into friends. And she has thought through the theme and flow of each evening so you feel tremendously supported and her insights truly helped to deepen the experience.


The Women's Circle was a wonderful experience that I highly recommend to everyone."

L. McShane


I loved to have you join me in a future program!