Live in YOUR Truth!

Dare to Become YOU!


Becoming the Woman you are destined to be is how you live the life you love!


Becoming the Woman you are meant to be...can

happen with intentional action and support right now!


Sign up for this 6 week Virtual Workshop specially designed for BECOMING YOU!


Ignite your potential with the most committed and focused intention towards stepping into that Woman you know deep down you can become. The Woman you desire to be in all her beautifulness......


A woman of powerful clarity and confidence who gives herself full permission to accept her messiness in order to  express her greatness and become the Woman of her dreams! 

Here's what this will look like: 

Feeling into and owning your struggles and potential, actioning your desires with a distinct roadmap that flows with inspired steps in the company of loving supportive Women, is how You will create your Big Goals or Next Chapter in life and become the You, you've always longed to be!


The Schedule:


Week 1 - Igniting your Vision for 2020! Working with your desires, gifts and skills.


Week 2 - Release inner struggles through transformation of your limited beliefs and emerge with deeper belief and ability to achieve your 2020 goals.


Week 3 - Play Bigger by embracing Abundance & your worth! Dissolving the old money story.


Week 4 - The Mindset of Manifestation & 3 Powerful Tools to help you create success.


Week 5 - The Roadmap – mapping out your beautiful plan! Creating a visual and tangible flowmap for your goals. 


Week 6 - Stepping out with inspired & intentional action steps with full support from Me and this tribe of Women.


This Virtual Group Workshop dates: January 


Time of Workshop:  7:30 – 9 pm EST 


Registration open


All sessions will be facilitated over Zoom, a virtual space where we will be in each other's energy & company to share, grow and create! You will need a computer, internet, a journal, some privacy and perhaps a cup of tea!


Ø  All sessions will be recorded in the event you have to miss one. But you won't want to miss prioritize these dates in your calendar now!


Ø  If you are ready to feel whole and connected with your inspired self and take action with clarity and momentum for 2020 and beyond; focusing on tangible steps and outcomes born from true desires for you and the life you want to lead.......

This Virtual Workshop is for YOU!