Welcome to East End Entrepreneurs! We are Women Collaborating for Success!
As a membership-based women's entrepreneur group, we offer fresh opportunities for connection, 
support and training on relevant topics for personal and professional growth in an energetic atmosphere!
When Women come together ~ we are unstoppable!
Leadership Facilitation by Melanie Fitzpatrick

APRIL 1ST 2022  Meeting
11 am - 12:30
Panera Bread in S. Oakland 3401 BLVD of the Allies
You must register in order to attend 

Our Monthly Agenda

Opening by Melanie
Opens the meeting welcoming members and guests. Provides quick business updates.
Group Sharing~ 
Each Member & Guest shares their wins or challenges or key areas they need support from the group. We share best practices and resources that can benefit others in their challenges. Forming power partnerships is highly encouraged. 
Presentation, Mastermind or  a  Workshop 
Each month Melanie, a Member or a Guest Presenter leads a presentation or a topic led discussion for the group including exercises, partner masterminding to create deeper connection and positive outcomes for personal and professional growth!   
Special announcements, Sharing events & Services.

FRIDAY  MEETING  11am - 12:30 pm
 April 1st - Speaker Elizabeth Echevarria Founder & CEO of Living in Liberty a nonprofit focused on providing services for victims and survivors of sex trafficking in W. PA. 
Come learn how you can support this organization and raise awareness to how, when, where and why this is happening to Women and children in our area. 
11am - 12:30pm   Panera Bread in S. Oakland 3401 BLVD of the Allies
Mark your Calendars and Register today!

Our Mission

SUPPORTING When Women support Women; we carry a powerful message and energy that allows us to expand and stand in our unique essence. Women validating Women is how we express our unique and powerful version of leadership ~ Feminine Leadership!
"Being an entrepreneur is challenging and yet when we collaborate and support each other, we position ourselves and our businesses to blossom with greater ease than if we were doing it alone!"
SHARING ~ Emotions, best practices, tips, hacks, resources, energy, ideas, stories, expertise, unique gifts, our wins & challenges.
"Women are are natural connectors and this is what we will do when we come together in our monthly meeting."
GROWING ~ Personally and professionally in our leadership. When we choose the entrepreneurial path we step outside of our comfort zone and capability set.
"As an Entrepreneur...experiencing challenges becomes normal and personal growth is a natural side effect!"
SUCCEEDING  ~ Masterminding challenges, setting monthly goals & intentions, asking for accountability support, learning and growing in a non competitive atmosphere are strong components of succeeding.