East End Entrepreneurs

We are a Women's business group focused on achieving our goals by Supporting- Sharing - Growing  and Succeeding Together!
When Women come together ~ we are unstoppable!
Facilitated by Melanie Fitzpatrick

As a Membership based group we aim to build a container of supportive Women with diverse backgrounds and businesses who are committed to growing our businesses together!

Our Mission

The focal points of our mission is on:
SupportingWhen Women support Women we carry a powerful message and energy that allows us to expand and stand in our unique essence. Women validating Women is one way we learn to own our value.
Being an entrepreneur is challenging and yet when we collaborate and support each other, we position ourselves and businesses to blossom with greater ease than if we were doing it alone.
Sharing~ Emotions, best practices, tips, hacks, resources, energy, ideas, stories, expertise, unique gifts, our wins & challenges.......We are natural connectors and this is what we will do when we come together in our monthly meeting.
Growing~ Personally and professionally. When we choose the entrepreneurial path we step outside of our comfort zone and capability set. Experiencing challenges becomes the new norm and personal growth is a natural side effect!
This group will support you as you stretch and rise to uplevel your business.  In this group we acknowledge and promote effective systems, best practices, sustainable self-care & wellness. Along with practical business tools and resources that are necessary to ensure big breakthroughs personally and professionally. The best part~
We will source the experts within the group membership to do monthly presentations and showcase their specialty! 
Succeeding~ Monthly intention &  goal setting, accountability support, learning and growing in a non competitive atmosphere are strong components of succeeding. And that's what we will do on the first Friday of every month...championing each other's success!
While it's not exclusively for Women of the East End of Pittsburgh, we will always meet in the East End!  
 All Women are welcome and bringing friends and guests is encouraged!

Our Monthly Agenda

Opening by Melanie
Opens the meeting welcoming members and guests. Provides quick business updates.
Group Sharing~ 
Each member shares their Wins- Challenges- best practices or tips from the previous month.
Intention & Goal Setting for the month
We set our intentions & Goals for the current month and share with the group. You can request a member to be your accountability partner for the month.
Speaker presentation~
A current Member presents a talk on a relevant and enriching topic for members and guests in the area of their expertise. Followed by a brief Q & A 
Special announcements


Our monthly meeting is on the
FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH- (with occasional exceptions *) August 4 | September 1 | October 2* | November 3
We Begin on:
August 4, 2017  10:30 - 12 pm @
Panera's Fishbowl Room
Address: 3401 Boulevard of the Allies, Pittsburgh, PA 15213