Personal development

Why Pain is the CURE for pain & how Emotional Resilience Helps!
Personal development · 11. November 2021
Learn how to cultivate emotional resiliency and build a path to wholeness and happiness in our life right now!
Personal development · 16. July 2020
Seasonal changes can be liberating with the new energy they bring and this summer is exceptionally charged with energy for change and growth.

Personal development · 28. May 2020
This year I am contemplating Mother's day in a whole new and expansive way. I am feeling into our collective truth that we are all daughters. And as daughters living in the 21st century, we have many blessings and freedoms afforded to us that our Mother’s never experienced.
Personal development · 21. May 2020
We all crave deeper connection – but how do we get it right now?

Personal development · 25. June 2019
Is it time for you to hit your own inner pause button for a Mid Year Check in? I share three questions to help you REFLECT AND RESET to gain clarity, connection and releasing what isn't serving you! Rise to a new level of YOU!