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My podcast is a forum where Women share their transformational journey in finding their true self. My guests model for us how to awaken and live rich meaningful lives from their core essence and also demonstrate the unique way in which they express that in the world!  As your host, my intention is for you to hear captivating stories that inspire personal discovery and for you to learn practical tools to deepen your personal power through soul centered living.

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My guest this week on Live in YOUR Truth Radio is Dr. Shellie Hipsky CEO of Inspiring Lives Media group and Editor in Chief of Inspiring Lives Magazine! She is also the Leader of The Global Sisterhood an organization that guides and supports the dreams of Women and children all over the world!


Shellie brings so much to Women today from her rich background in education as a former tenured professor from Robert Morris University, as an award winning author of the Common Threads trilogy, and she has earned numerous awards , like Entrepreneur of the Year and Women of Achievement. 


What I enjoyed discovering about Shellie, and I think you will too,  is that in her heart of hearts she is not only a collector of stories, she feels compelled to curate stories about Women from around the world, in particular ones where Women have overcome personal and cultural adversity. Emphasizing the triumphant spirit of their humanity seems to be the recurring theme at the center of what inspires her and how she inspires us!  Listen in and you'll find out why!!!


As successful as Shellie is today, she reveals her own challenging story with us and the pivotal moments that lead her from a darker place to a tenure track as a Professor in Pittsburgh, then on to inspiring Women and becoming an award winning author.  


We traverse many topics and stories in our chat, some lead us to explore how vision and drive inspire her, why mentors are essential and the secret magic to having a great mentor / mentee relationship; the exchange of ideas and through a reciprocal relationship based on mutual growth! Knowing how to keep yourself grounded and engaged with what's important like quality family time, self-care, and authentic friendships that have evolved from her sisterhood tribe.


Being an entrepreneurial Woman myself, I inquire:

What advice do have for Women trying to actualize big dreams?

She answers emphatically; creating vision boards with a clear mission incorporated for each new idea and project!

Sounds like a winning idea to me! Join us for more enriching conversation right here!


Listen here and Be Inspired with Dr. Shellie Now! 


My Guest today is Deb Carter Executive Board Member of OMA Center for Mind Body and Spirit located in the heart of Oakland an urban center of Pittsburgh, PA. We are talking about OMA today which stands for the Ohio, Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers that converge at the geographical point of Pittsburgh's metropolis. Deb shares a little known story about this special convergence of the 3 rivers with an underground aquifer that contributes to this unique water flow and why they selected  it for their name!


We are also talking about Marianne Williamson because OMA is the organizer of this special Speaking Event with Marianne, while she is on her LOVE AMERICA TOUR that is occuring May 9th at the 20th Century Club in Oakland.  Visit OMA here!


OMA provides opportunities to explore and honor one's journey in healing and wellness of mind, body and spirit through programs that include lectures, workshops and classes that focus on a holistic approach for individuals, family and community.


Listen to our conversation as we cover the history of OMA, it's programs, juicy stories and quotes about Marianne and her upcoming Speaking Event! Don't miss it!!

Download the Interview Here!


Wow....do I have a special podcast for you! My guest is Deneen Marlette Joyner, Founder of Chosen to be Empowered, LLC. She is a spiritual Teacher and offers readings, self guided courses and and workshops to raise consciousness on the planet about how to transform emotional pain in a new and powerful way!


She is known as the "Chosen one" and you are going to hear all about her incredible transformational journey.


Deneen was born into a family of highly gifted healers. She is the seventh daughter and fifth generation black Indian woman, drawing upon her Native American family's 300 year legacy of healing. 


Deneen will be releasing her new memoir this Spring entitled:

 God Daughters: Soul Wounds and Sacred Revelations  An indigenous spiritual memoir about facing emotional pain.


In our interview Deneen shares the painful story of her parents separation as a young child, feeling the oppression of growing up in Pittsburgh as a black Native American girl and the abuse she experienced. In spite of knowing she held gifts of deep insight and supernatural powers, she was unsure how to use them. She carried her unprocessed pain and identity confusion into adulthood. Although she went into the field of Social work helping others, she didn't know how to help herself. At 47 she attempted suicide, but experienced a divine intervention. This profound experience began a new journey towards healing and an awakening to who she really was!


You will learn about the gifts of surrender, being more divine than human and her great, great Grandmother Lucinda Starflower! Who was a highly gifted healer and medicine woman with the Cherokee Indian tribe in the 1870's.


Deneen's remarkable story takes another turn when she receives a special revelation from God.....one that brings her a profound peace and reconciliation with her troubled past.


Find out what God says to Deneen when you listen to our interview!   



Kelly McNelis and I are discussing your messy brilliance on Live in YOUR Truth Radio today!  A topic sure to awaken a new set of permissions within you. Like accepting the fact that you are not perfect, no one is and...that's ok! You also possess your own unique brilliance and just because we get messy sometimes doesn't mean you can't own your brilliance right along side of your challenges and insecurities.


Kelly is the Founder of Women for One~ a platform where Truth tellers share their stories, and she is the best selling author of Your Messy Brilliance - 7 Tools for the perfectly imperfect Woman!


Kelly and I both agree that embracing our truth and our brilliance can get messy! But in embracing your messiness, you will dive into your dynamic wholeness, and this is the very thing that will lead you to more aliveness and self-acceptance.

So how do we own our messy brilliance?

You have to be willing to pull together all the aspects of yourself - the good, the great, the bad and the ugly... (overdoing, perfectionism, victimhood & confidence, strength, personal power..etc) it is about opening to the fullness of who you are and ultimately accepting it and even loving it!

I know that this may sound new, perhaps even daunting, but Kelly breaks it down for us by providing us with her 7 tools:

Curiosity, Awareness, Acceptance, Intuition, Choice, Manifestation and create a road map to your wholeness!


To get started she recommends we:

- Take baby steps towards experiencing our wholeness

- Throw out the word 'should'

- Accept 'what is'

- Take 5 minutes today and ask "What will bring me joy?" 

Kelly is a believer that our messiness is the very source of our beauty and strength. 


Listen in to learn how to embrace Your messy brilliance!




My Guest this week is Emmy Award winning TV personality, former NBC News Anchor, author, speaker and Business Coach Darieth Chisolm


Darieth joins me today to share her traumatic and painful story of being a cyber harassment victim turned advocate and now founder of 50 Shades of Silence A Global Movement giving voice and dignity to victims of Cyber harassment and online crimes.


"Imagine waking up one morning to find nude photos and videos of you online. Images that you weren't aware existed and certainly did not approve of and you have no control of removing. The person who committed this atrocious act, you once lived with and loved. And is now trying to humiliate you and destroy your reputation."

Turns out there is no legislation that can prevent this from occurring to you nor ensure that the pictures are removed!   

This act commonly referred to as cyber revenge porn, to Darieth it felt more like an act of cyber rape. "It still leaves me feeling as if I had been raped, stripped of my identity and dignity."


Spiraling into a place of shame and silence, Darieth gets raw and real with me as she reveals what it was like dwelling in shame and victimhood, the key turning point that enabled her to find her way out and how she confronted this dark place with these insightful question:

  • Did this happen to me or for me?
  • How best can I use this experience?
  • Who do I need to become in order to overcome?

Moving forward with courage and conviction you will be astounded to learn what followed~ A powerful awakening to her

divine assignment:

A Social Justice Project creating a documentary on cyber crimes

* The launching of her platform 50 Shades of Silence. offering support and resources for other cyber harassment victims


Listen in to the rest of this story where Darieth shares how her divine assignment unfolded, how You can be supported with resources and how you can get involved as an Angel Ambassador!

Listen here! 


Wait until you hear from this

Fierce, Feminine Powerhouse~

Brittany Policastro....

You are going to love my interview with this Yogi!

This week's guest is the founder of Beyond Asana, she is a writer for the Huffington Post and her own blog

~ The Breakthrough Blog.

Brittany gets raw and real when she shares her journey of awakening and the turning point when she left Law to venture into a life of Yoga,writing and humanitarianism. Brittany shares the centering practice that she uses to integrate all the parts of herself in order to feel whole. You will love this easy breathing practice and mantra to center yourself daily! She also recommends that you choose a yoga practice based on what your body needs to be in balance.


"Honor what you need to thrive."

She shares her secret to living in her truth; being as transparent as possible. She believes in showing up as raw as possible...shadows and all! In fact, she claims she has gotten comfortable with being uncomfortable. She feels her superpower is being vulnerableShe knows that sometimes she may be judged for this, but she is not going to let anyone stop her from being her!

She loves being fierce and owns it!

Tune into this podcast to hear the whole story and get ready to be inspired! 


Listen and Download our Interview Here!


I am simply enamored with my guest this week, Laurel Moll and her totally refreshing approach to dealing with FEAR!


Which is not to run or hide from it, and especially not to fear it! Instead she believes that fear leads to joy and not surprisingly, her philosophy is to FOLLOW FEAR and enjoy the ride it takes you on!


After experiencing a series of truly traumatic life events in 2013, Laurel plunged into overwhelming despair. Through her tears and vulnerability she found herself surrendering to 'what is' and allowed her curiosity to explore a greater force at play in her life and wondering "Are my fears trying to tell me something?"


What follows are the beautiful lessons of surrender and trust, and the transformative power of following your fears. The pivotal turning point came with a daily gratitude listing practice; which opened up a flow of love, support, joy and discovery of her true self.


By choosing to follow her rather lengthy list of fears, 30 of them, she found herself swimming with Whale Sharks, flying an airplane and embarking on writing her first memoirFollowing Fear: How I faced 30 fears and learned to Trust the Unknown. 


This collection of vulnerable short stories aims to inspire others to follow their fears instead of running from them and that's exactly what you'll hear when you tune in to this compelling interview with Laurel! 


Laurel takes fear and turns it into a beautiful metaphor that is so appealing, you will find yourself ready to step in and embrace YOUR fears!                              



My Guest Yvonne Phillips and I are discussing all things Feng Shui including the Chinese New Year and the influences of the Fire Rooster's powerful energy for 2017! 


Yvonne is your 'go to' Feng Shui Maven! As a lifelong practitioner and leader in Feng Shui, she shares the rich history and purpose of Feng Shui in China and how the powerful elements are still practiced 5000 years later in the United States! Including in corporate settings and right in our own homes!


She shares practical aspects of Feng Shui in the home and emphasizes - it's all about the energy! How to make it flow and how to balance it so you can
live in total harmony! 

The goal is to create health, wealth, wellness, creativity and happiness!


 You will learn how to use the elements: fire, wood, metal and water, symbols that bring positivity and color into your spaces to create the energy flow that keeps you in harmony, balance and wellness!


Here are some useful examples:  

  • Place the element of water in your home to balance fire energies, like anger and too much passion. Use diffusers, fountains or even bowls with decorative stones. 
  • Bring a golden yellow color in for good health, and Red for vibrancy. Use tapestry's, flowers, symbols.
  • Metal decor elements add strength where you need it.
  • Open your windows and let fresh air blow all the way through your house to clear the current stale energy!

2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster! The Roosters' energy gets things done! So choose projects you'd like to get going on. The Rooster energy (or personality type) is especially effective because it is very detailed oriented!


The Fire energy for the Rooster is Yin energy, which means it's a feminine energy not masculine! This is fueling the rise in Women's activism right now and motivating Women around the world to activate for Women's rights as well as human rights! 

Tune into this podcast and tap into the Fire Rooster Energy!



My guest this week is San Francisco Songstress Nina Grae! This singer songwriter pours her heart out to reveal not only her grit for taking charge of her dreams and talents by leaving the Corporate scene to be a musician, but also her courage to express her searing and soulful truth.


Nina came from a successful Marketing career, but as she followed her passion to study with the world's great Teachers, she soon grew tired of the marketing world's methods and messages of portraying people as 'broken' in need of fixing! 


As a recording artist she is committed to creating music with conscious, love centric messages and aspires for her music to be a home and a sanctuary for humanity from duality of the world.


As her story unfolds we learn that her wake up call came the day Steve Jobs died. The legacy of his innovation and contribution to technology had such a profound impact on her, she found herself asking; "Am I making a difference?" The response came as a resounding No! And what she did next was completely crazy....to most people!

But Nina is not most people and that is why I knew I had to interview her and to share her story and gorgeous voice with you! She shares so much with us about the music industry, her great influencers and sage advice for us and budding musicians to follow!


Her first release is called The Remedy~ which seems to be in perfect alignment with her mission! Take a listen folks to this interview and enjoy the bonus track at the end when Nina serenades us with a beautiful ballad!


 Download Nina's Interview here! 

I am having some fun this week with my guest Marta Mazzoni of Marta on the Move Podcast and you will too! Wait until you hear the 'Happy Trails' this local Pittsburgh gal has been on!


Marta thrives on solo adventures in pursuit of her truth and shares her love for exploring and then linking her cultural experiences back to Pittsburgh through her podcast Marta on the Move.


She claims that she maintains her sense of self by keeping healthy boundaries, choosing to be with people who lift her up and uses Yoga as a centering practice while dipping into flotation tanks to stay grounded.


And unlike most people, because Marta is unlike most people, she is not afraid of her fear! In fact fear is the driver that leads her passions! 


Marta's Motto: 'Cut the cord of comfort!'


Our chat takes an interesting turn when she expresses her sense of adventure through tomb excavation in Italy and spends her post honeymoon time helping to rebuild a 10th century castle in the south of France! This is her way of giving back and connecting with people & cultures globally. She finds her podcast a suitable vehicle to share her experiences and sees it as an audible scrapbook of sorts.  


We can all take a page from Marta's book in the way she lives her life, in pursuit of her desires and giving back in some extraordinary ways!

 She is a beautiful example of holding on to what is precious; the unique expression of her soul!

Get your Download of inspiration and fun here!  


   Melanie & Natalie recording live at JuJu Vintage Clothing Store.
Melanie & Natalie recording live at JuJu Vintage Clothing Store.

This weeks LIYT Radio podcast finds us on location, recording at JuJu~ A vintage clothing Boutique in Pittsburgh's Point Breeze neighborhood!


My guest is the Pittsburgh Post Gazette's "Seen" Editor ~ Natalie Bencivenga. A young and vibrant Woman who considers herself to be an observer of life, shedding light on the philanthropic organizations in Pittsburgh.


As Natalie's story unfolds she reveals her unexpected trajectory from a Biology / Philosophy /Mental Health Specialist to becoming the wise and progressive Social Media maven in Pittsburgh! How did she do this, you might wonder....?  Well, let me just say, what she has done, is something you can to!  


So Tune in, because she keeps it real: 

  • Sharing her insights and experience on Women's Leadership.
  • Following your inner voice! 
  • Tips how Women in business can step out of their own way and shatter their inner glass ceiling

Check out my YouTube Channel here & download your 20 minutes of Wisdom Now! 


My Special Guest is Irene Fehr. She is a Women's Sexuality Coach, a frequent Speaker, Writer and Huffington Post Blogger. She inspires Women to connect with their sensual and sexual pleasure as a source of fuel and nourishment for their soul and wellbeing!


Yeah, we're talking about sex today!


When Irene found herself in a sexless marriage in her early 30's she felt her light went out and subsequently lost her fire for life. With a loss of libido at the core, she felt a distinct disconnect with her body and partner.


The startling reality is this is more common than you think. Women today are so busy that they have deprioritized themselves while primarily focusing on external elements of their life. Irene claims that sexless marriages and loss of libido are epidemically common for women between 35 and 45 years of age.

Attributing the loss of libido with self abandonment; there are many cultural implications we need to face: lifestyle, societal messages, career consumption and at the heart, our deprioritization of self!


She unpacks this for us and shares the ways Women need to experience nourishment and have important conversations about wellness for the whole self. We're talking mind, body, spirit!


Hear what else Irene brings to the conversation:


              3 key Self-Care practices for love and intimacy that aide a Woman in getting turned on: 

Desire                     Pleasure                 Truth 


Please don't miss this powerful interview and make sure you share with friends!





While on her Olympic journey, professional athlete Alicia Malcolm Anderson honored me with an interview describing her quest to qualify and compete with the Jamaican Beach Volleyball Team for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.


At 38 she decided to pursue her Olympic dream and shares what it means to be in pursuit of such an incredible goal at her age and the poignant source and legacy for her determination.


Qualifying for the Olympics though, is paved with challenges! From managing her family in Canada while training away from home, competing to win the qualifying rounds with other Olympic hopefuls, plus.....keeping pace with her considerably younger teammates, while coping with the fierce team dynamics!!


It's the stuff that dreams are made of~ moving and inspirational!


This journey of faith and belief is the model I have come to love and share with you in my podcast! 


When Alicia and I get down to business with some tough questions, it is her seasoned skill, wisdom and humility that really speaks out. Here is a sample: On mastery  "You don't have to be the best - just find your inner champion. It's about meeting the challenge, not being perfect."  No topic is left untouched...as we explore motherhood, self-care, friendships, the wisdom that comes with age and mindful competing!


Please listen in and stay tuned as this story unfolds with a sequel!


Download your 20 minutes of Wisdom here!  


My next Millennial guest in my new series is Kenya Brading, Co-Founder and creative director of The Woman's Network.


The Woman's Network is a platform that welcomes all women to heal from trauma and unravel their limited beliefs in order to reclaim their sovereignty!


As a filmmaker turned Women's advocate, Kenya believes "that when we heal ourselves as women, we will help heal the world."  


Suffering from grief was her turning point to her own soulful awakening. 


This 25 year old imparts wisdom well beyond her years:

      -Suffering and anxiety can be your gateway to awakening

     - For her Millennial Sisters: search for your validation within

                                                                    - Treat your body and sexuality as sacred   

                          Listen in to the advice she has for Millennial women that transcends all ages!


Courtney Sage is my first guest in my new Millennial Series! 


I am excited to bring to you this series of interviews with millennial age women, who I am finding to be enlightened young women! They embody the spirit and depth of the awakened female, fearlessly and are ushering in a new movement of feminine changemakers to the world!


At age 33, Courtney is a licensed massage therapist, a lifestyle coach and owner of Birch and Basil Wellness - She is also a Mom of 2 children and self identifies as a rebellious spirit!


She encourages her clients to write their own rules!

As always, this truth seeker shares her story about her early trials and how that lead to her own awakening as a young Mom.


Tune in to hear her sage advice to younger Women, yet it's universal appeal is ageless!  

You will learn to lean into your bliss, embrace your awakening and let go of what you "should" be. 

                                                                                           Download Courtney Here!


I have a good one for you this week folks! You are going to love Tina FireWolf's refreshingly unfiltered energy and persona! She is quite the pioneering spirit! As a Middle School Science Educator, Artist, Reiki Master and Sound Healer, she now dedicates herself to facilitating the reconnection to our wise Self,  and to remembering our fire within. She is the most recent author of BENEATH THE CHATTER - the wise self awaits.

She shares her story of growing up feral and how that has influenced her work today.

She reveals her tools for everyday enlightenment with us.



This skill set is a must for each of us to deepen into:

1) Respond instead of react to everyday life strife!

2) The only thing you can control is YOU!

3) Train your mind to stay in the present moment.

4) Accept yourself in each moment and allow whatever needs to come up!


She closes with a special treat - A Sound Healing for everyone!  

This beautiful chant will be your 'go to' piece for peace over and over again!


Download Tina here! 


My Guest this week is Gina Mazza! She is an award winning Journalist, a Marketing & Branding specialist as well as a Partner in Creative One Marketing. 

As a writer and word provocateur, Gina loves helping other writers refine their writing projects as a co-creative effort. Her personal writing focuses on the inextricable link between creativity and higher consciousness.........which is the perfect segway into our interview!

Honestly - we traverse the universe with our conversation, covering all kinds of tempting topics that you will find engaging, revolutionary and awakening! 

Here are a few of our touch points: Creativity. Higher consciousness. Soul-centric enterprises. Essence work. Purpose vs. mission. Storytelling and mythology. Evolutionary pathways. The fourth wave of capitalism. Intuitionists as the new marketing pros.

Here is what we dive into:

  • The Story of her profound awakening and heightened intuitive awareness that informed her book: "Everything matters, nothing matters"
  • The power of storytelling; whether it's collective mythology or a story we tell ourselves; Gina believes "stories have the power to change the course of our evolution." 
  • Shifting the Marketing concept of just 'filling consumer lack' to serving the greater good of humanity, the planet, and our evolution! Conscious marketing evolves into the 4th wave of capitalism!  YES!  
  • There is more....So you will just have to Listen Here! 

Feng Shui Expert, Yvonne Phillips is my super fun guest this week! She is a Color and Design Consultant, Business Coach and author of Feng Shui; ABC Project for a weekend.

As a 20 year veteran, she is a veritable font of knowledge and inspiration on how to live in total harmony within one's environment; in both the workplace and home, in order to create health, wealth, wellness, creativity and happiness!


She shares with us how Feng Shui goes beyond decorating our homes and how it can enhance our daily life AND create client attraction and prosperity in our business!

But it really gets juicy when we talk about 2016 being  the YEAR OF THE FIRE MONKEY!  


You don't want to miss this Interview because it's been 60 years since we've had a

Fire Monkey year and when that occurred back in 1956 - some crazy Big Energy things happened:

The United States was testing the H Bomb

IBM created the Hard Drive

Castro Invaded Cuba

Yvonne shares 13 Tips on how to position yourself in 2016 in order to channel your energy for wellbeing and prosperity in this Big Energy Year!

Listen here to find out what's in store for YOU!



My Guest this week, Executive level Business Coach, Katy Hansell offers kick-Ass business acumen and leadership strategy for the C-Suite Executive Woman and the career Mom, who are both looking for similar things as it turns out....validation, respect and to be adored!  With her extensive business background as a Management Strategy Consultant and current full-time status as a Mom / Entrepreneur; Katy has the chops to get real with us and does!  So be ready to take notes and make changes to your career!

                This powerful TEDx Speaker doesn't mince words!

Her own powerful story unfolds in 3 acts with an epilogue that plays out in such a familiar yet poignant way, You won't want to miss it! 

Katy offers full disclosure on:

 1) How Women can become indispensable in the workplace!

2) The secret Men know to career advancement; that C-Suite Women need to learn!

3) How Mom Entrepreneurs can thrive with a Freedom Hacker lifestyle business.


Katy's business intel is so intuitive and savvy - she is the perfect Biz Coach for today's Modern Woman!


Listen here and download your 20 minutes of Wisdom!

Holly Hansen is passionate about Happiness, so much so, she has made it her mission to help people find the sweet spot in their lives! Looking at all facets of life and identifying the key areas that are impacting the joy button; she uses her 4 Key's philosophy to create the transformative shifts needed to open those gates of joyful flow!

"I just want to be happy."

 You've heard people say this, you may have said this yourself on a time or two (or three)! Well, as an  Empowerment Coach & Happiness Expert, Holly assures us, you can be happy, because; 

 "You are in control of your happiness!" 

In our convivial conversation Holly shares her unique story to finding her "keys" to happiness and shares them with us! 


She has helped countless people find their happiness with her signature tool:


               She recommends you visit these 4 rooms everyday for achieving balance and whole hearted living!

Listen here to find out what these 4 rooms are and how you can take control of your happiness today!

Make some joyful noise ~Download your 20 minutes of Wisdom Here!

Meet Janelle Saar, Founder of In Power Sisterhood.

An organization that unconditionally supports awakening women with their personal transformation and spiritual evolution.


Janelle is an intrepid seeker and supporter of enlightenment!

As a former Pilot, Flight instructor, leader in the Aviation Industry and a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt; She was on a rapid career ascent only to be rerouted when she answered the call to awaken and remember why she is really here!  

In keeping with living her Divine Assignment; To nudge other Women to awaken and live in their passion, power and purpose!  She asks: Does your life seem ideal on the outside, yet you are struggling on the inside?  She struggled with owning her own power too and shares how she overcame that!  

        Listen to her powerful stories to learn how:

  • You can use your Superpowers to create magical shifts in the moment!
  • Be a catalyst for good and positively impact others by your choices alone.
  • To remain hopeful in a world of unrest and violence. 

         You will love her clarity and strength and the unconditional encouragement she gives us all!

She is a big dose of positivity ~ something we all need!

Download your 20 minutes of Wisdom HERE! 

This week's featured guest is Sora Surya No! Sora is an Intuitive Coach, Women's Circle Mentor, International Retreat Leader and Fire Igniter!


She  holds Radiant Women's Circle Intensives around the world and is bringing the ancient feminine ways back to the modern Woman to use in everyday life!


Inspiring a life that is wild, free and calm!


  In our one on one chat, Sora shares her journey being an American Asian and her quest for self healing and finding her truth!  She reveals the keys to unlocking her inner wisdom and discovering her unique calling! 

  In her delightful and playful manner she teaches us:

  • How to enhance our daily life with mindful Rituals
  • The nourishing benefits of connecting with Women in Circle
  • How to stop living our life in survival mode and create more time by using our breath
  • To engage with our emotions fully and experience the benefits of feeling into this place of expansion

Listen here to learn how the ancient feminine ways connect us to ourselves and our life!

(*Just as an FYI if you listened previously and had trouble hearing my voice: The audio quality has been remixed and is fully audible now!)


*Download your 20 Minutes of Wisdom!  


My guest this week is Lois Shannon Founder of The Woman's Network.  Her beautiful vision and mission with the The Woman's Network is to create a vibrant sisterhood of happy, healthy and holy women by which they are supported on their journey of transforming their limited beliefs to know themselves as whole and sacred. Visit the Woman's Network! 


Lois is a dynamic and passionate Thought Leader and you won't want to miss our riveting chat on the evolution of Women in our time!


Here is what we touch upon in our conversation:

Our 20th century life....

  • A history of disconnect with ourselves, our bodies, our needs
  • Social conditioning: What it meant to be a woman operating in a masculine paradigm
  • Epigenetics~ the transfer of trauma

The 21st Century possibilities....

  • The awakening woman comes back to herself and body to live a consciously directed path
  • She is Reclaiming and integrating those lost parts of self, her history; to become whole
  • She is owning her worth and claiming her spot individually and collectively 

So please give yourself a bit more than 20 minutes for this enlightening interview!

Enjoy, share and subscribe to Live in YOUR Truth Radio!

Download this enlightened conversation!


Jennifer Urezzio is my guest this week! She is a Master Intuitive, Teacher and author of Soul Language ~ Consciously connecting with your Soul for Success! Jennifer specializes in helping people connect to themselves, each other and to the divine.  


In this enlightening conversation you will learn about the 3 core languages or energies of your soul and how they influence our life.

  • Mission~ what you are profoundly here to experience  
  • Translation~how your mission is fueled
  • Tone~ our soulful personality

She takes us through a powerful and revealing exercise that connects you to your soul to experience a deeper level of faith and trust in yourself!   And, while we are in this place of peace and contentment we learn what our Soul wants us to know!  

All I can say is...WOW! You gotta experience this!

She also teaches us how to gain clarity in discerning the voice of intuition from the voice of our EGO!

Helping us to make powerfully aligned choices everyday!

                                                   You have to Listen to find out how!                                                                  

My Guest this month is Dr. Nancy Mramor Kajuth PHD Psychologist and Media Expert! She is the recent author of "Get Reel" Produce your own life.

  In my interview with Dr. Nancy, she shares with my listeners;

  • 3 ways to be a conscious viewer
  • The effects of subliminal messages and TV trances (yikes!)
  • How to be the Star, Director and Producer of your own life!

Tune in for her riveting stories and examples of how we are all shaped by

Movies and TV and......

how we really can direct Media influences to consciously "produce our own lives."


I am excited to share this interview with you this month!

My Guest Beth Caldwell, Professional Speaker and Founder of Pittsburgh Professional Women and Leadership Academy for Women. She is a prolific writer and has written 5 books on business and personal empowerment. 

In this candid interview, Beth shares her secret on finding your purpose and how You can be a successful entrepreneur while staying True to yourself and business. As a 2015 Pennsylvania Woman of Courage Award Winner~ she would know!  Take a listen and some notes.


                                      You are going to enjoy her energy and wisdom!

A direct download can be found here! 

My first guest is the amazing Sahar Paz! She is a powerful change Master, Speaker and newly published Author of FIND YOUR VOICE: The Life You Crave is A Conversation Away.  A native of Iran, Sahar was labeled "Bomb Keeper" and "Terrorist" by her classmates at age 9. Her journey fleeing war torn Iran in the mid 1980's to the U.S. to find success, only to have it slip away......Tune in to hear Sahar's breakthrough journey to finding her voice! 

   She shares empowering practices for deep listening and how you can find your voice!

If you would like to be my guest on Live in YOUR Truth Radio, please contact me at Melanie@liveinyourtruth.life and tell me about yourself and why you would like to be on the show!