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The Confidence Building Intensive

A morning Workshop Intensive at 4230 Saline Street Squirrel Hill   From 9:30 - 12pm  on May 25th!  Breakfast refreshments will be served!

Essential exercises to overcome obstacles and build your confidence for business success!


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The Goddess Collective

 A full day Workshop Retreat on the Feminine Archetypes of the Greek Goddesses 

Pittsburgh debut on Saturday September 16th, 2017     



WOMEN ENTREPRENEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE is a comprehensive resource from top women entrepreneurs. It is a guide for best practices, practical solutions and inspiration - everything you need to establish and grow your ideal business. The insight from Author Melanie Fitzpatrick's Chapter on Communicating Your Personal Brand Stand out with Distinction! and other top experts will show you how to effectively run your business and achieve all the success you seek.  



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