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90 Minute FOCUSED COACHING session with Melanie!

Focused Coaching is perfect for You...if you need support to work through a specific challenge that is keeping you frozen from moving forward in your life! This 90 minute coaching call is for those who need a moment of real guidance and support from a seasoned expert!


I bring 20 years of training, skills, life experience, creativity, and intuitive guidance to help you resolve your situation and continue to evolve into the amazing Woman you truly are!  

  • You will receive appropriate tools, support, guidance, practices to move through whatever it is you're challenged by.     
  • You will experience clarity and relief. Intuitive insights that bring you distinct 'aha'  moments that help you shift and breakthrough the stuff that's in your way. Feeling re-energized, you will be inspired to take action and move into a high energy frequency - where anything is possible! 

So, let's get you moving quickly with powerful breakthroughs!  Purchase Your Laser Focused Coaching Session with Melanie TODAY!    


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WOMEN ENTREPRENEUR EXTRAORDINAIRE is a comprehensive resource from top women entrepreneurs. It is a guide for best practices, practical solutions and inspiration - everything you need to establish and grow your ideal business. The insight from Author Melanie Fitzpatrick's Chapter on Communicating Your Personal Brand Stand out with Distinction! and other top experts will show you how to effectively run your business and achieve all the success you seek.  

Shipping and handling is an additional $7.00 per book in the United States. Alaska and Hawaii and international destinations are additional.


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