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"Melanie Fitzpatrick is masterfully living her truth while teaching other women how to as well. I am captivated when I hear Melanie speak on stage and on her podcast. She knows how to intrinsically pour into the lives of her audience and move them to take action. Melanie is strong and feminine voice for women who will not be defined by age, perceived limitation, or lack, but who are looking to make their mark for generations to come."
Darieth Chisolm
Emmy Award-Winning TV Host, Life & Business Coach, Author, Speaker & Filmmaker


2020 Speaking Topics

  • The Feminine Advantage - Leverage your feminine energy to maximize your personal power, purpose and leadership for well-being and success!
  • Bust out of Your Box! Overcome limitations at any Age. Are you ready to define life on your own terms? This motivating talk will have you taking radical responsibility for an 'out of the box' life you truly desire and deserve!
  • Custom Talk for your event.

About Melanie Fitzpatrick

    Melanie teaches Women how to be self-empowered          through her private, group Coaching, Workshops and        Speaking events.

    Melanie guides Women to find their truth, own their            personal power and learn to express their brilliance in        life and business.

  • Founder of Live In Your Truth™, Wise Women Rising, Out of the Box Living and Smokin@Sixty!
  • Melanie is co-author to WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR Extraordinaire, and is finishing her full length book: Discover  Awaken  Rise  A  Woman's Guide to Ignite her Truth and living her best life.  

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What people are saying

"I found Melanie’s talk, “The Feminine Advantage,” to be riveting. She is an engaging presence and her subject matter is deeply personal and relevant. Her talk helped give me new words and ways of thinking about women’s tendency to, “do more than necessary” as she put it. Melanie spoke about the significant professional and personal advantages of “toggling between masculine and feminine energies.” I highly recommend hiring Melanie as a speaker."


-Zuleikha Erbeldinger-Bjork, Graphic Designer & Writer


"Melanie is the kind of speaker that every woman wants to guide her. Her ability to express how we feel, dig deep, and get to the root of the problem is impressive, and her warm, caring demeanor make her talks mesmerizing. I highly recommend Melanie as a speaker or workshop facilitator!"
Cori Wamsley Author | Writing Coach & Book Editor | Speaker 


"Melanie's speech was powerful not just to women coming up the ladder in our corporation, but also our senior managers. We found her to be very interesting and knowledgeable with work, life and balance. Many Department Managers found her inspiring and that she cared about women achieving their potential and what they could become. We all agreed she is a total package of women and leadership in one. Melanie is a true inspiration to all women."


Betsy Wassil

Assistant Store Manager, Lowe's Home Improvement Store #780 


“It was our pleasure to have Melanie Fitzpatrick speak at the BBW Chamber Women’s Networking Luncheon in January. Her topic, “The Confidence Factor,” resonates with most women as many of us think we need to reach perfection in all areas before we can move on! In addition to identifying the problem and explaining how it holds us back from achieving our dreams, she gave us exercises to be more mindful of what we do and say, words and phrases to use to empower ourselves, and activities to draw on for inner strength. Through her warm and friendly manner, she not only gave information; she let us know she cares and is ready to inspire. We look forward to inviting her back.”
Dottie Coll
Chamber Board | Founder & Facilitator of the Women's Networking Luncheons 


Where She has Spoken:

  • Lowe's Women in Leadership Conference
  • Pittsburgh Women's Mastermind
  • Pittsburgh Business Show - Panelist
  • Momspiration412 - Membership Group
  • BBW Women's Network Luncheon
  • NCJW Center for Women 
  • Pittsburgh Dress for Success - Membership Group

  • Miraculous Me! A Women's Event






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