The Rearview Mirror Workbook

A powerful clarity exercise to create Your future!

How do you get clear about what you want for your future?


You start by looking at your past!


Yes, that's right! By looking in your own Rearview mirror!


I created the Rearview Mirror exercise as a way

to evaluate the year before setting my New Year goals and intentions. The last thing I wanted to do was drag the stuff that didn't work for me into my New Year.


It created so much clarity and 'aha' moments about what really worked for me and what didn't! This positioned me to feel great about what I accomplished and gave me the energy, inspiration and confidence to imagine what was possible for me. I was also able to identify the things that were a challenge for me or just didn't work out. With this knowledge I was able to reflect and do some work around why things didn't work out and make empowered choices for my future activities, relationships and career direction. The clarity I gained was freeing! I had the mental and emotional space to really open up and connect with my desires and belief about what was possible for me to create in my New Year!


So I invite you to sign up & request a FREE COPY of THE REARVIEW MIRROR WORKBOOK and experience the Exercise that delivers clarity and inspiration from just a few hours of reflection! Set yourself up for an amazing new beginning by reviewing the past for those golden nuggets of wisdom!


This Exercise can be done all throughout the year, but if you want to jump start your new year, I highly recommend doing the The REARVIEW MIRROR now, so you can uncover and activate goals and intentions you love for a truly amazing New Year!