Welcome to The Support Summit - HOW TO THRIVE IN CHALLENGING TIMES!


Wow, this is an unprecedented time for people all over the world!

Change, hardship, fear and uncertainty abound! We're all struggling to manage this new paradigm of social distancing, home bound containment in order to keep ourselves and family safe from getting or spreading the virus COVID-19.


This 'new normal' of living a collapsed life can feel overwhelming as we navigate the many challenges it has brought with it. We're all going through a roller coaster of emotions as we struggle to cope...like anger, disappointment, scarcity, confusion, fear, uncertainty....I know I certainly did!


But You don't have to endure this alone!


As a Life Coach, I know the power of having resources and tools to balance fear, stay grounded and promote emotional wellness for myself and others. When you are equipped with empowering resources - you too can shift inner turmoil, feel inner peace, experience hope instead of fear and find creative solutions to your day to day challenges.


 That's why I assembled a Panel of Six Trained Experts in a variety of fields that can help you move from coping to thriving during this challenging time!


The Support Summit is full of essential tips, practices, strategies and perspectives to help you build every day resilience

to thrive in the coming months and emerge into Your best Self!


*So grab your journal, sit back and relax to receive the best ideas, tips and practices over the next 60 minutes!**




**Due to the high demand and need we have experienced for The Support Summit - we have made it evergreen!**

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Host and Curator, Melanie Fitzpatrick

As an Empowerment Leader for Women, Melanie guides Women to claim their personal power and brilliance so they step out confidently in life and business. Ultimately creating meaningful and aligned choices for their idea of a successful and fulfilling life.

She does this in her Private Coaching, Workshops and Women’s Entrepreneur Group.

You can reach Melanie at https://www.liveinyourtruth.life/

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Speaker, Wendy Borne

Wendy is an Intuitive Reiki Master/Teacher and Spiritual Medium. She is the owner of Visions Reiki and Soul Spa. She received her Reiki Master training in 2003, and trained as a Spiritual Medium from 2003-2006. Wendy uses these two powerful tools of Reiki and Mediumship to help individuals honor their true self, stand in their own power and reclaim the life they know they were born to. She also combines these two energy techniques to provide dynamic and empowering trainings, groups and workshops.



Description: "Raise Your Vibrations above Corona." Learn what is means and feel the empowerment as you climb the vibrational scale to understanding, love, joy and wellness and Rise Above the Corona Virus threat.


Panelist, Jenni Hulburt

Jenni Hulburt, founder of WILD Wellness, is a holistic fitness specialist who helps women live and sweat in sync with nature. She has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Exercise Science and Sports Pyschology, and is a top-ranked essential oil wellness advocate with doTERRA - the world's leading essential oil company.

The WILD Wellness podcast, programs, and products are for women mindfully exploring holistic health and seeking to embody what nature has always modeled-it's not a sprint, but a cycle. www.JenniHulburt.com

Description: Exercise & Essential Oils During Change & Times of Stress. Learn how using oil as a tool for thriving in life and especially in managing life in this new paradigm. 


Speaker, Celia Rodriguez Kinville NLC, MSW

Celia Rodriguez Kinville is a Nutritious Life Health Coach with experience as a MSW. She approaches health through a holistic lens and believes in reclaiming your health through mind. Celia works with individuals and groups to help you live a healthy lifestyle. Celia is available as a speaker on all areas of wellness including healthy food demonstrations.

Description: Celia is sharing insight and tips in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Consistency with our daily habits are key in times of stress. The tips shared are easy to implement and will benefit your well-being; mind body and spirit! 

Speaker, Gabrielle Smith

Gabrielle Smith helps emerging creatives, leaders, and solopreneurs birth their personal brand. For a decade, she has worked with women in discovering their voices and owning their value-through birth work, process-painting workshops, and the WomanSpeakpublic speaking program.

In her forthcoming books, she writes about the leap creatives must make to embrace their inner seasons and instincts in order thrive in the new world. When she isn't working, she enjoys learning new technology, magic and being nature. 

Blog & Website:  https://gabysmithnoye.wixsite.com/gabysmithnoye
Insta: @BirththeBrand


 Description: Hierarchy of Needs in Crisis: Responding, adapting and awakening-The keys to navigating crisis.  

Speaker, Christine Furman

Christine Furman is CEO of Momspiration412 and Founder of EduPlay. Christine is a former elementary and special education teacher turned entrepreneur. Her true passions of being a mother and educator began to excel with Momspiration412was created and Eduplay℠ was founded. Momspiration412provides parents with an opportunity to chat and connect while children of all ages and abilities engaged in Eduplay℠ activities. See each moment as a chance to learn, create and have FUN!

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Description: Setting schedules, routines and expectations for kids will help to provide order and organization anytime but especially during time of uncertainty. You will learn how Eduplay℠ has been a great resource to many during this time, offering daily morning videos, ideas and activities for the day and more.


Speaker, Pamela Biasca Losada, MS

Pamela Biasca Losada MS, is an industry leader in emotional empowerment and emotional well-being. She coaches high achievers to overcome what's holding them back emotionally, so they can lead lives of ultimate joy, wellness, and fullfillment.

Pamela's clients have checked all the boxes when it comes to "success" yet inside they feel something is missing (or a mess) and are unhappy. They come to her with things like: overwhelm, chronic stress, emotional eating, anxiety, perfectionism, people-pleasing, weight issues. Her clients learn how to get out of their own way, be happy and fulfilled, increase self-care, self-confidence and healthy boundaries. They experience more energy and fitness overall. She offers private and group coaching globally over the phone and video calls. www.pamelabiascalosada.com

Description: Pamela will share some of the best practices to effectively navigate through emotional challenges with more ease and trust while feeling empowered.