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Smokin' at Sixty and Beyond!

Women Thriving in their Sixty's & Beyond!

What it means to be Smokin' at Sixty!

 S – Be Sovereign unto yourself. Cherish yourself and your journey. Source your self- esteem, value, wisdom and validation from Self!



M – You Matter! You are worthy of taking up space. Make your knowledge known. You’re unapologetically You when you’re in your greatness.



O – Open! You are open to opportunity, possibility and change. You are wise but forever learning, growing and evolving. You’re not too old, you’re just beginning!



K- Knowing. You possess great inner knowing and knowledge. You own and embrace both aspects and share this with those who need it most.



I – Inspired. You choose to surround yourself by those who inspire you. You know that feeling and being inspired keeps you feeling alive and purposeful every day.



N- Needed. You source your relevancy based on where the gifts you possess are needed most. You defy and dispel the current societal myths that women of a ‘certain age’ no longer have value and should fade away. 

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